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Casey Faye Marie Aschan-Cox - Online Memorial Website

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Casey Aschan-Cox
Born in United States
17 years
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Yolanda, Mom to Anna
Remembering your precious Casey today. May you be blessed with comfort and peace.
Kelli George's mom Lorraine
Happy to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday, Happy Birthday to you....
Coral Mum to Angel DJ
Loved Forever Forgottern Never xxxxxx
Casey Aschan-Cox 's Mom
You are missed every single day. I miss the laughter you brought to our lives, the smiles you shared with us and you..i love you
Kelli George's mom Lorraine
On your birthday, may family and friends find comfort you their memories of you.
Jo-Ann Pacenta ~ Lauren's mom
You are loved & missed every day. Send butterfly kisses to those who miss you & let them know you are close
Sean Stenzel's mom Mary
I light this candle in memory of your birthday Casey. Happy birthday in heaven precious angel.
Diane/Mom to Jimmy Brozzetti
Happy Heavenly Birthday Casey ,sending prayers & love..God Bless
Kelli George's mom Lorraine
Remembering you on your birthday with sympathy to all who love and miss you so.
Coral Pasqua
Believe in Angels xxxxxxx
Casey Aschan-Cox 's Mom
Merry Christmas in Heaven baby girl. I hope you are celebrating with other family up there with you. Much love to you all.
Casey Aschan-Cox 's Mom
Happy Thanksgiving in Heaven Casey. I love you baby girl. Love and hugs to you and the rest of the family up there with you.
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